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Genres – Action;
directed by – Guy Ritchie;
Guy Ritchie, Guy Ritchie;
120548 vote;
Jeremy Strong

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I had high hopes for this film, and was not disappointed. The casting is brilliant, with Colin, Matthew, Charlie and Hugh all delivering their parts perfectly. Real edge of the seat film with lots of twists and humour too. Highly recommend it.

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To certain degree The Gentlemen is your stereotypical Ritchie crime caper full of entertaining and colourful characters synonymous with his films. While the script lacks the depth, twists and sub plots of his previous successful forays into the crime genre namely Lock Stock and Snatch. Richie, does have a way of getting performances of note from his cast member’s. The aforementioned title certainly delivers again for the director in this respect. While Mcconnaughy delivers with the unmistakable charisma we have come to expect from him, it was the particularly interesting and unfamiliar role of Hugh Grant that caught the eye and highlighted a type of variety not often seen in the work of Grant. Another notable mention must go to Colin Farrell who presents as a sharp and quick witted character prone to a criminal venture. For all the criticism of Farrell and his perceived lack of range, this character and script play to his strengths and showcase his underrated skills as a comic actor. To summarise, this film is by no means a Richie masterpiece and does have a sense of predictability. What it lacks in substance and grit, it makes up for in a wit and it’s free flowing pace. Best enjoyed with limited expectations and a less than serious approach.

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